Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whew! Been a busy day. I made my first purchase in shekels...walked to the hardware for light bulbs...the clerk shorted me 5 shekels. lol I called her on it & she made it right. She could speak English and knew I didn't speak Hebrew. :) I carry a "cheat sheet" of phrases, money differences & a calculator with me. She seemed embarrassed that she had done that. :) Had my first bomb shelter drill...then lunch with an IDF soldier & her mom. Shopped at the "shuk" early morning for the meal. They love to talk Christianity, but have not made a commitment to Jesus... yet, but I'm invited to dinner on Fri. Then I was sent to visit my first survivor... alone. :) Her grand daughter was outside the home when I arrived & invited me in. The family offered me a drink...then coffee...we watched a marine bio movie, but mostly talked...they invited me back. The grand daughter translated for me...and I helped her with some English translations. These ppl know I'm a believer, but are very open to me so far. Funny thing, though...the highschool and college age girls were drawn to me...and that has really always been my " age group" when it comes to evangelizing...The IDF soldier was in the flight program until talked to me about her huge disappointment of not being able to be a pilot now.  Both young women seemed very mature compared to back home girls of that age.I told the survivor family my son was coming in July and they suddenly began talking fast and furious in Hebrew...I finally realize they were trying to understand "July" and was able to stop them and explain "next month." lol We all laughed but I could see they were happy I figured out what they were wanting to know. Better go...another bomb shelter drill at 7pm...and I have the shelter key. :) It was funny at lunch...we compared bomb shelters at one point. They have a nice one with all kinds of stylists were even sent to them during the 2006 war..fresh food and celebrities visited...:) It is different here...but I want to see souls saved... appreciate your prayers.


  1. You go, mrs. m! I'm thinking about you! I shall start praying for you!!! <3

  2. Hi Ms. Mac!!!! Remember me? I'm Lydia Thomas from Gen Sci! I'm so happy things are going well for you! I'm praying for you!! BTW: I still keep in touch with some of the kids from GEn Sci and we are REALLY miss you!!!!
    <3 and prayers!
    Lydia T