Monday, June 20, 2011

FB Notes for you who are not on FB :) Hopefully, I'll have some photos soon.

Here are some FB status remarks I made yesterday....too tired to write anything new today...been a busy one. :)

Driving around Israel today ...saw two car completely flipped onto it's top. Crazy driving...

Just received my first telemarketing call in I answer the phone for the ministry house. :)

There is an Egyptian mongoose living under the house next door...with babies. lol Been a busy day...saw two guests off and had to clean their rooms...went shopping for the house....signed and folded cards for survivors in prep for a visit to those in Arad in southern Israel soon...addressed envelopes for them ,etc. Tomorrow packing the gift bags for the survivors...basic training is over. Now for the real world. :)

If you have ever heard of Lars Bastrop Jorgensen...famous soccer player from my era...he will be helping here soon and will be Eric's roommate. I had never heard of him before...but it might mean something to some of you who love soccer to know this man is serving 

I was folding cards,etc for the survivors & heard what sounded like gun shots. I just kind of smiled and thought "no..." lol Has to be fire works"....and it was. I didn't even jump...just thought "no way!" lol Guess they love fireworks here..use them bdays, weddings , any chance they get. :) fun ppl You can tell men rule here....

 Susan informed me that there will be two city wide bomb shelter drills on Wednesday...guess I'm in charge of unlocking the shelter...I have to make sure I lock up the house ,too. lol Like you'd think of that when bombs start falling....:)
There are bedoins living in tin huts near here...didn't see any camels, though... just horses with them. Oh, a McDonalds is around the corner...a land of extremes in many ways...Had to pick up paper for the office from Office depot...almost felt like home. :)

Passed the Bedoins on the way to Office Depot.
So many lost souls many everywhere...
Well, once the real work gets'll be a lot of sad stuff more than likely and requests for prayer. Many of the ppl I will be seeing do not know the Torah or any scripture really. They were in the holocaust, then lived in Russia which is what we will be doing is encouraging them to read the Torah and Psalms ...they will find Jesus there...One survivor burst into tears after hearing the Aaronic blessing from Numbers..said she'd never heard it before and thought it was beautiful and where could she see it thought God does not speak to ppl...she was writing really angry letters about her husband's volunteer helped her to see she was writing very angry things about God...and she began softening after realizing God "reads " her letters....One survivor opened up after receiving a small stuffed teddy reminded her of her husband because he gave her one just like it when he proposed...who would've thought that a teddy bear would help win a heart of an elderly woman? It's really a matter for prayer what is given to each person because one little thing can bring back a flood of negative memories,'s very sensitive.
Oh, and the Druze ppl have a market here...where you can buy "thirds." lol You've heard of buying "seconds"...well this group of ppl sell "thirds." I'll have to check it

Kind of funny...they usually look at me and just wave me on...guess I don't look like a terrorist. :) One guard squeezed my purse a little..:)

That and I'm sure I always have this silly grin on my face...:)

Oh...and when I go into the grocery or any store, my purse is checked for a bomb...into a parking lot and the car is checked for bombs...a little different from home...:)
Well it's after 2am...better get some sleep...last night the last time I looked at the clock it was 3:48 am. Have almost everything finished, though. :) God is good.

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