Sunday, May 29, 2011

Original idea list.....


I have attached a list of gift suggestions.  You may want to add items that are not on the list and that is fine.  Be creative.  We get make bags, coin purses, pocketbooks, book marks, etc. 

Please make sure the items are new and of good quality.
There are plenty of dollar type stores that the survivors shop at.

Thank you for blessing the Survivors.

Nancy Kurtz

List for Survivor gifts:
1.       Lap robes (small blankets to cover the lap and legs
2      Multi Vitamins and Vitamin C (MUST NOT be expired or about to expire)
3.       Arthritis cream (external creams, no internal meds)
4.       Warm socks (size large and larger; loose around ankle if possible)
5.       Band Aids, gauze bandaging, sensitive skin tape
6.       Antibacterial for wounds like Neosporin or similar
7.       Hot water bottle
8.       Winter scarves  and gloves (both men and women)
9.       Soap (deodorant, something that smells good)
10.   Small perfume for women
11.   Aftershave for men
12.   Lotions
13.   Slippers (men and women)
14.   Notepads and pens
             15.       Kitchen items like dishtowels, washcloths, oven mitts and hot pads
16.       Small stuffed animals.
17.     Sugar-free candies
18.      Small fancy cups/glasses/small wooden bowl  (I had three, filled them with                      candies and wrapped in tissue paper.  Makes a nice gift.)
19.       Tissue paper and narrow ribbon to tie up gifts
20.       Paper gift bags (small 6”), med (8”) and large (12”)  (sizes approximate)
21.       Shawls
22.       Small photo albums
23.       Small stuffed animals
24.   Candy dish (prefer crystal)
25.   Vases (prefer crystal)
26.  Table cloths/ table runner
27.  Doilies
28.  Nice decorative hankies for the ladies, traditional ones for the men.
29.  Votive holders / battery operated candles
30.  Yarns for knitting or crocheting/ needles as well.

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