Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gifts for Holocaust survivors!

Eric and I will be allowed four , fifty pound suitcases on the airplane and have been asked to fill two of those with gifts for the holocaust survivors. We think we can fill three and still have room for what we need while in Israel. A list of suggested gifts was sent to me, but I was told to use my imagination! I prayed as I browsed stores asking the Lord what would older ladies really like to have? Well, the next morning the Lord answered my prayers with one word, "Lipstick." lol The most unusual answer to prayer I have ever had! lol  As I pondered this thought, I remembered Pat Hutchinson, a friend from church, who is a Mary Kay Consultant. All women like to feel beautiful regardless of age, so I contacted Pat to discuss having an on-line Mary Kay party for the survivors. Pat was elated and said she would donate any profits and also contact other consultants for donations. Here is her email with info about participating-

Hi Lori,
It was wonderful speaking with you this morning! What an oppotunity you have to minister and bless these people. I will be praying for you. Thank you for involving me and Mary Kay in this venture, not sure you know this but Mary Kay is a christian based business. Our founder Mary Kay Ash was a devout christian and built the company on principles from the Bible. My National Sales Director is a Christian Jewish woman, who I know will be elated about your mission. Her family is not christian.

Here is a list of some things older women like : lipsticks, lotions, body washes, hand creams, face creams, nail polish, satin hands, pedicure sets.

My Mary Kay website is, and my Mary Kay email address

God Bless you.

If you would like to participate in this "party", you can order from Pat's website or to avoid registering can email her directly. We will be visiting men, too who like to smell good and could use lotions, so do not forget about them!
Be sure to let her know your order is for the holocaust survivors. :) 

Eighteen days until I leave for Israel. So blessed to know God desires to use me. :) My church (Grace Community Church in Pensacola ) gave me a vote of confidence this week by giving a financial offering towards our trip. We did not ask for this, but they insisted we fill out the app so they could do this. God is good. We did not try to raise funds, so our Lord did it for us. :) How good is He?!

I also want to especially thank Cheryl Garmong, Susan White and Linda biggest encourager's in this adventure. :)

Individuals from church have begun donating items from the "list" sent to me for the survivors. Linda Mellon set up a display with the list in the church foyer and had this announced from the pulpit last weekend. I had no idea she was doing this. I guess God knows I have been busy teaching, so He raised the funds for our trip and touched the hearts of people to help put this mission trip together. I feel so blessed. I love you Jesus. :)

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